Daytona Beach CERT ART Special Event Station – N4DAB

61st Annual Daytona 500

Speedweeks 2019


61st Annual Daytona 500 – Speedweeks 2019 – February 13 – Feb 17, 2019

Daytona Beach CERT Amateur Radio Team, N4DAB, Daytona Beach, FL.

HF and 6M; CW SSB DIGITAL (PKS31, RTTY, JT65).  Watch for spots on sites such as DX Summit, DXWatch.  Propagation is everything!

Coordinator: Steve Szabo WB4OMM, 536 Central Park Blvd, Port Orange, FL 32127. Several stations participating and on the air simultaneously. Primary operating hours 0900 to 2400 each day local time as operators are available. Frequencies announced via spotting networks as station activates and posted on the Team website. QSL card and Commemorative Certificate available. QSL Card: Your card with a SASE for direct, or via the bureau. Certificate information will be published on this web page and as costs and permissions (logos) are confirmed. For more information, contact Steve WB4OMM at:


We will send requested QSL cards and Certificates out as soon as possible after the event.

We have available:

  • A high quality color QSL card via USPO mail
  • A high quality color printed certificate via USPO mail

The cost for printing the cards comes from your donations and the rest from out of our own pockets. We are NOT financially supported by the Speedway or the City of Daytona Beach.  Donations can be made in cash, check, or PayPal.  We appreciate any donation, no matter how big or small!

LoTW and eQSL

N4DAB is in the LoTW and eQSL system, and the logs will be uploaded to the system as soon as we can acquire and merge the logs from the operators.  The full log should be uploaded within 30 days of the conclusion of the event.


  • For a printed QSL card ONLY: Please send your QSL card with a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope, (SASE).  We request a #10 Standard Business Envelope with sufficient first class postage (US Forever Stamp).  There is no cost for this card. BUT…..NO SASE, NO CARD – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • For a printed, USPS mailed certificate with a QSL Card
  • Send your QSL card with US $5 cash or check (checks made payable to “Steve Szabo WB4OMM”) at this address:

Daytona Beach CERT Amateur Radio Team
c/o Steve Szabo WB4OMM, Trustee
536 Central Park Blvd
Port Orange, FL 32127-1136

  • Or if you want to send the request/funds via PayPal………Send $5.00 via PayPal to with your Call and QSO data in the comments section.  Please make sure you note the transfer as a gift, not services or products – We are not a business! Additional donations are welcome to defray the costs of running the event.

The $5 covers the following costs:

  • Custom LASER printed color commemorative certificate on heavy card stock
  • A full color commemorative QSL Card
  • Cardboard stiffener
  • Large 9×12 Envelope
  • First Class Postage within the US

NON-USA STATIONS (DX) (Includes Canada/Mexico)

Same directions as USA Stations BUT…..
For printed certificate request and QSL Cards, make sure to send US funds!
For just a printed QSL Card, make sure your SASE has proper US postage or include $3.00 US funds for postage to return to your home country.  We cannot accept IRCs at this time.  For a certificate, send US $7.00 and we will send you the QSL and Certificate in the mail.


Follow the directions above for USA or NON-USA stations and substitute an SWL report for a QSL card.


N4DAB has cards available via the ARRL single-letter prefix bureau, currently: The Carolina DX Association, W4 K4 N4 QSL Bureau, PMB#305, 631 Brawley School Rd STE 200B, Mooresville, NC  28117-6209.  DX may use this system for a QSL card.

Please email Steve WB4OMM if you have any questions: